UPDATE: Planned Route Cancellations Eliminated as of 2/28/22

We are pleased to announce that Durham School Services (our transportation provider) has been able to add to our cadre of fully trained bus drivers, allowing us to resume all of our scheduled bus routes during the month of March. We understand that bus route cancellations are disruptive and inconvenient to our parents and students. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue to work closely with Durham to address the bus driver shortage. 

While we are not able to guarantee that there won’t be occasional cancellations due to unexpected circumstances, the goal is to significantly reduce the frequency of last minute cancellations or significant delays, while providing families with timely notice in the event of any necessary route cancellations so that alternate plans can be made.

We recognize the inconvenience caused by these previous adjustments to our transportation program, and we regret the hardship it may have caused for families. 

We will continue to aggressively recruit and retain additional drivers. If you have any questions, please contact our Transportation Office at (248) 465-2073 and/or email [email protected].  

Additionally, we would like to remind our students and families that the CDC federal mask requirement remains in place on public transportation, including on school buses.  Thank you for abiding by this requirement.    

We appreciate your ongoing partnership as we work together to support opening a World of Possibilities for and with our students.