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Attendance Procedures

Report an Absence or Tardy

If your student will be absent or tardy on any school day for any reason, please call the school attendance line (248-344-3999, Option 2) and leave a message.  Please spell your student's name.

Early Pickup

If your student is being picked up during the day, send a note in with the date, time, and reason.  Have them bring the note to the office first thing in the morning.  We will stamp it and return it to them.  They should show the note to the teacher(s) whose class they will miss, then use the note as their pass out of class during the class period they are to be excused.

Homework Requests

Requests for homework are handled through the office. If your student is absent for two consecutive days, you can call the office to ask that a homework request be given to the teachers. Teachers have 24 hours to process the request. If your student continues to be absent for more than two days, homework that was requested needs to be turned in before another request can be put through.  
Please Note:  If you are going on vacation and request homework before you leave, the homework is due upon the student's return.