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Student Recognition Programs

Meads Mill Recognition Programs

Caught Being Good

The purpose of this program is to recognize overt acts of kindness and good deeds performed by students.Students are nominated by submitting the student's name, grade, service or act performed, the submitter's name and the date.Students receive:
  • Name announced over PA and name in Peek of the Week
  • "Well Done" Certificate
  • Patriot Pride Ticket

Citizen of the Month

The purpose of this recognition program is to acknowledge the student who models good citizenship on a daily basis. It may be that a particular student is striving to correct his/her behavior and rewarding the effort is also appropriate when the student is succeeding.
Students receive:
  • Name in Peek of the Week
  • Recognition at PTA meeting
  • Name announced over PA
  • Printed Certificate and Patriot Pride Ticket
(Each Department may nominate up to 6 students each month.  Departments are:  Math, ELA, Social Studies, Science, Electives, and Support.)