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International Baccalaureate

Meads Mill Middle School is currently an authorized IB World School.

The IB program is a system that promotes preparation for college readiness, inquiry based learning and real world connections of topics.  All ninth and tenth graders will participate in the Middle Years Program (MYP).  You may have seen some changes happening in the building. 

If you have visited the school recently—Look up! Look down! Look all around! See the new additions to the walls and ceilings that showcase Internationalism and cultural awareness.

You may hear conversations which include the attributes of the Learner Profile (caring, risk-taker, thinker, communicator, reflective, knowledgeable, open minded, balanced, principled, and inquirer).

You may see lessons that have big, overarching questions that are timeless, relevant to students, and span (different subject areas). Examples of these questions are:

  • What does literature say about the range of human emotions, behavior and issues? (Language and Literature)
  • How do we live in relation to each other? (Individuals and Societies)
  • How do I revise an original idea? How do people see me? (Arts)
  • How do I participate in my school community? (Language Acquisition)
  • When is the “correct” answer not the best solution? (Math)
  • How can you make a difference? (Physical Education and Health)
  • How can things change, yet stay the same? (Science)
  • How do we teach the community about the environment?(Design)

These are questions, students will remember and ones that use the content to teach the bigger idea. Students can answer these questions at their own level and feel successful. Teachers have begun to collaborate to design the IB MYP units and reflect upon them.

IB assessments challenge all students using rubrics. These assessments go beyond tests and quizzes and involve the student in real-world connections. In the course of this learning, students must understand the IB Command Terms.

IB Command Terms
IB MYP and DP students will become familiar with specific command terms used throughout their courses and programs. These instructional words will be common language for both students and teachers.

Meads Mill encourages parents to have a conversation with their students about some of these IB MYP principles or stop in and ask staff.

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