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Meads Mill PTA

PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association, and that is exactly what Meads Mill PTA is all about.  We are:

involved in volunteer support for academic and social activities
Teachers involved in planning curriculum and partnering with parents to bring the best programs to our school
Students involved through leadership and fundraising events that support both educational and social causes

PTA Board Members - 2020-21
President:  Rachel Brohl
Vice President:  Jen Garza
Secretary:  Maggie Orosz
Treasurer:  Mike Wylie

Meeting Information - 2020-21 - Until further notice, PTSA meetings will be held on the third Thursday of each month at 9:15 am via Zoom.  

Join the Meads Mill PTSA
You can join the Meads Mill PTSA at any time during the year!  Questions - contact Rachel Brohl at 

Join the MM PTSA via MemberHub