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Teaching Students How to Manage Homework
To be a successful middle school student, it is important that students learn and utilize organizational and time management strategies to complete homework.  Learning such skills requires practice, and we encourage students to develop a nightly homework routine.  We are providing students three handouts that may help them manage homework more efficiently:
Class and Teacher Contacts:    This sheet can also be found near the front of the student planner.  This is a tool to track what resources teachers are using to support students.
Evening Homework Schedule:  This sheet can help students create a nightly plan of what homework they will complete.  Students should remember to include any extra-curricular activities, eating dinner, and bedtime!
Weekly Schedule:  This sheet provides students the opportunity to look at the entire week's schedule and plan homework time accordingly.
Peer-2-Peer Program

Meads Mill Counselors

Kristy Bilbie-Bekius, MA, LPC, NCC
Middle School Counselor
Meads Mill Middle School
Jack Wickens, JD
Middle School Counselor
Meads Mill Middle School