Schoology Counseling Course

All students are enrolled in a grade specific (6-8) Schoology Counseling course.  Students are encouraged to check the online course for resources and support to help them throughout the school year.  If a student wants to meet with their counselor, they should complete the google form found on the Schoology course, requesting to meet.

PSAT 8 (8th Graders Only)

Students can access their PSAT 8 scores online once they have created an online account with the College Board.

Academic Support

School Counselors are available to meet with students to provide academic support with organization, time management, study skills, and test-taking skills.  Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with their Schoology courses and communicate with teachers directly if they have specific questions regarding a class.  Below are some resources to help with homework planning.

Peer-2-Peer Program (6th Graders Only)

6th graders who would like homework support from an 8th grade peer may consider joining the Peer-2-Peer after school program.

Social-Emotional Support

The Northville Public Schools is implementing the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum developed by Second Step.  Middle school students are participating in SEL learning in enrichment and support classes.  The following information provides more detailed information about Second Step for parents:

Career Development

The Northville Public Schools is implementing Xello, a career development curriculum for all of our students in grades 6-12.  Counselors will meet with students throughout the school year in grades 6-8 to assist them in creating individualized Educational Development Plans (EDP).  Here is more information regarding Xello for parents:

Meads Mill Counselors

Kristy Bilbie-Bekius, MA, LPC, NCC
Middle School Counselor
Meads Mill Middle School
[email protected]
Kathleen Steinbock, MA, LPC, NCC
Middle School Counselor
Meads Mill Middle School